InfoLinks is an in-link advertising service that is being used by thousands of websites across the web. Once it has been integrated with your website it places SEO-friendly links throughout your content.

Once you have signed up you need to add InfoLinks to your website. There is an Official WordPress plugin available that adds InfoLinks to your website though I believe the manual method is much easier. All you need to do is insert the code below just before closing body tag in your footer.php template (your own code will have your unique pid code attached instead of xxxxxx).

InfoLinks Example

Once you have installed the code you will see links throughout your website content. The links have a double underline to help distinguish them from regular links (i.e. ones placed manually in your content). You can change the double underline to a dotted line if you wish.

In the example below the links are set to the default colour of green though you can change this in the settings area to any colour you want. Many websites make the InfoLinks a different colour than regular links whilst others make the colours match regular links to encourage click throughs.

InfoLinks In-Text Advertising

Customising Your InfoLinks

When a user hovers over an InfoLink a pop up box appears with the advertisement in question. This is a discrete way of placing SEO-friendly image advertising on your site that is only shown if the user hovers over the link. Unfortunately, there is a high risk that a user will hover over the link by accident as by default InfoLinks adds 12 links to your page. Thankfully, this can be reduced via the settings area. You can also choose the category of ads so that ads are better targeted towards your visitors.

InfoLinks In-Text Advertising

How Much Can You Earn?

Before writing this post I had tried InfoLinks for a day or so using the default settings: green links, double underline and 12 links per page. Stats only seem to be updated a day later so as I am writing this post I only have stats for around 700 impressions. This isn’t enough time to test any advertising network though the 1% click through rate seems normal. Unfortunately, the money earned per click wasn’t. It earned me $0.06 for 7 clicks.

InfoLinks In-Text Advertising

I am unsure if $0.01 is normal for the network. This could have been caused by me not selecting a more appropriate category such as computers. If it’s the average rate that publishers can receive then I don’t believe it would be worth anyones time to use InfoLinks as a website with 100,000 impressions a month would only generate $10 a month; which I don’t believe is enough money to justify placing an additional 12 links on a page.

Additional Ways To Make Money Through InfoLinks

There are three additional ways you can make money with your website using InfoLinks.

  • Related Tags: Very similar to the Google Adsense Units. The related tags unit adds 5 related links to your website.
  • Tag Cloud: It’s called a tag cloud though it’s comparable to a traditional banner as it’s 633×93 pixels in size.
  • Search Widget: he Search Widget displays sponsored search results only for visitors that arrive from search engines. The results are targeted towards the search term they used to find your website.

I’m not really a fan of any of these additional methods. For me, their normal way of inserting ads into your content is much better however if you are making good money through InfoLinks you may want to try these other methods out.


InfoLinks asked if I could publish this review today. I would have preferred to have spent more time analysing my stats to see if it would be worth your while using the service.

One of my initial concerns was the number of links that are added to a page. I believe 12 links to be overkill therefore I have reduced the number of links to 2. This will obviously greatly reduce the number of click throughs but I am really not a big fan of placing advertising text links all over the place.

My main concern is earnings. There are thousands of main stream websites and blogs using InfoLinks so perhaps my doubts are unfounded however I’m going to keep InfoLinks here for a little while longer so that I can analyse the income it generates. If it can’t generate average commissions above 10 cents a click then I couldn’t personally recommend the service. This article will be updated with my findings next week 🙂

Those of you who are looking for an additional way of making money through your website should give it a try. If you do try it out, I recommend reducing the maximum number of links per page and changing the double underline on links to dotted so that the links aren’t overwhelming your visitors.

I would love to hear from any WP Mods readers who are currently using InfoLinks. Are you happy with the income it generates for your website?


Link: InfoLinks In-Text Advertising

* Disclaimer: This was a paid review.

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