Google Images WordPress Plugin To Find Images For Blogs

If you’ve spent any amount of time blogging or writing content for your site, you no doubt have come across the problem of finding quality images to help augment your written text. While there is no shortage of images out there, problems arise when it comes to finding a simple and effective way to find images that help tell the story of your content. Enter the Google Images WordPress Plugin.

How Google Images Works

Let’s say you are going to write a new post about Cars. You’ve titled the article, and are ready to start working on the content of the article. After writing a few paragraphs, you realize that an image would be great to include.

With the plugin installed, you’ll notice a search box right below the content area that lets you search Google Images for just the right image. For our example, I searched for the word “Hundai” and have included the first 4 results it gave me (note that it shows about 20 results to a page and you can browse through all the pages to find the best one).

After browsing the images, all you have to do to insert it into your post is to simply click on the desired image and it will be automatically inserted into your post (note that this does not currently work in Chrome for some reason).

And you’re done! From there, you can format the image to your specific needs or add other photos. One really nice feature is that the plugin adds a nice consistent looking border around each image so you don’t have to worry about the images from one site looking different from another. They all will have the same border so as to give the images a polished look on your site.

Video Walk-Through

Learn More

For more information on this plugin including order information, check out the official plugin site.

To see the plugin live and play around with it yourself, feel free to check out the plugin demo here (user/pass – demo/demo).

DISCLAIMER: Just because you can search Google Images does not necessarily mean that you have the rights to actually use the image on your site. The plugin has settings which can dictate which images you’d like to have included in your search results. These settings include: Ignore rights (not recommended), restrict to images labeled for reuse, restrict to images labeled for commercial reuse, restrict to images labeled for reuse with modification, and restrict to images labeled for commercial reuse with modification. There is more information on this within the plugin documentation.

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