GigPress is a feature-rich free WordPress plugin that lets you list gigs for musicians and other performers on your WordPress website. Listings can be integrated into your website using shortcodes, PHP template tags or using the GigPress widget.

Adding a show is very straightforward. Through the admin area, you can set the date, artist and venue of a gig. Gigs can be restricted to adults only or only those who are allowed to drink alcohol. Information about tickets such as price, ticket hotline and the URL of where you can purchase the ticket online can also be added.

How does GigPress Work?

Gigs can be tagged as part of a tour and a related post can be assigned to the gig listing too. For example, you could link to the announcement about the gig you published on your blog so that it appears with every gig listing.

GigPress Settings Area

The shows, artists, venues, and tours fields can be attached to multiple fields. You can add information about new shows and artists etc directly through the ‘Add a Show’ page.

GigPress Feature

Visitors can subscribe to your latest gig listings by subscribing via RSS or iCalendar feeds. These can be switched off and on in the settings area. You can also change the format in which dates are presented, change the user group level required to add gigs and set the age restriction fields in this area too.

GigPress Settings Area

The output by GigPress is simple but very user friendly. You can filter gigs by month and the address of each gig is shown as a link to its corresponding location on Google Maps.

GigPress Example

When you click on the ‘more details’ link in the main listings area you are taken to a dedicated page that shows all details for the gig.

GigPress Example

The plugin also features a useful import and export option that lets you export artists, tours and dates in CSV format. This is useful if you want to duplicate gig listings across numerous websites.

GigPress is a perfect way of integrating gig listings into an existing website. The only thing it is really lacking is the ability to add more custom fields to listings easily as you are currently restricted to the default fields (though these should be sufficient for most of you).

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