Videos play a big part in the online experience today. Every major news site hosts videos on their website and video websites such as YouTubeVimeo, and DailyMotion get millions of visitors every day.

You can embed pretty much any video on the web onto a web page by simply copying the embedded HTML code and pasting it onto your website. If you are a Vlogger (Video Blogger) or someone who regularly posts videos on your website, you may want to consider trying out one of the many free video plugins for WordPress.

In this article, I have listed plugins that I hope you will find useful. They have been split into 3 categories:

WordPress Video Plugins Categories

  • Plugins that let you embed videos from popular video services such as Vimeo and YouTube.
  • Video players are designed to display your own uploaded videos on your website.
  • Other miscellaneous video-related plugins that you may find useful.

List of Free Video Plugins

  1. External Videos – Aggregates videos from external video services such as YouTube and adds them as a new post. The videos can then be presented as a gallery using shortcodes.
  2. WordPress Video Plugin – Lets you easily embed videos from 65 different video services.
  3. Viper’s Video Quicktags – Embed videos quickly from around a dozen services such as YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo. The plugin adds buttons for each service to your post editor. It also provides support for flash video files, QuickTime, and AVI and MPEG files.
  4. Video Thumbnails – A useful plugin for those of you who embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo regularly. The plugin generates a thumbnail (for featured images) for your post by locating the first video in your post and locating the thumbnail for it.
  5. Smart YouTube – Insert full YouTube videos into your posts, comments and RSS feeds.
  6. WP YouTube Lyte – A lite YouTube player that doesn’t use flash to embed videos. Can be used in conjunction with Smart YouTube.
  7. YouTube Video Plugin – Show YouTube Videos from widgets.
  8. Automatic Youtube Video Posts Plugin – Automatically creates posts with videos from any YouTube account.
  9. NGG Video Extend – Uses shortcode to pop up videos using lightbox. Supports every movie format plus has support for YouTube, Viddlers, MetaCafe and Vimeo.
  10. Vixy YouTube Embed – Lets you embed YouTube videos with download links.
  11. Vimeo Everywhere – Display your public Vimeo videos on your WordPress website via shortcode, widget, or dashboard menu.
  12. PersonalTube Video Widget – A YouTube widget in which you can control the content by specifying keywords or topics.
  13. Simple Video Embedder – Embed videos into your posts by simply staring the URL of the video.
  14. Video Bracket Tag – Use shortode to embed videos from several popular video services.
  15. Social Video Gallery – Create a nice gallery of YouTube and FLV videos on your site.
  16. WPreso Video FeatureBox – Create a list of featured videos for your video category. Supports several major video services.
  17. Smart Video – Display videos from numerous video services using shortode.
  18. Video Codes – Embed videos from YouTube, Google Video, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, MegaVideo and Facebook.
  19. Universal Video – Insert HTML5 videos using shortcodes.
  20. WordPress Video – Embed videos using shortcodes from dozens of services.
  21. Flash Video Resizer – Embed videos from several video services and resize the video size with ease.
  22. MarcTV jQuery Video Embed – Link to YouTube, Google and Vimeo videos by adding a CSS class to the anchor link.
  23. Video Gallery – Build video galleries using videos from YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion.
  24. My YouTube Videos – Show your YouTube account videos on your sidebar or on a page.
  25. NFB Video Plugin – A cool video player that lets you embed videos from several video services.
  26. Youtube Video Fetcher – Fetch videos from YouTube and display them on your website.
  27. Last YouTube Video – Display the latest video from your YouTube channel.
  28. My Videotag – Use a ‘video’ shortcode tag to display videos from a range of video services.
  29. TubePress – Beautiful video galleries for your posts, pages and sidebar. Works with YouTube and Vimeo.
  30. VideoGall – Automatic video gallery that can pull videos from anywhere.
  31. WordPress Video Player – Spider Video Player for WordPress.
  32. All in One Video Pack – Add full video capabilities to your website with this feature rich video plugin. Supports video advertising and record and upload videos directly from your webcam to your post.
  33. Secure HTML5 Video Player – Play HTML5 videos with Flowplayer and VideoJS players. Flash is used as a fall back for browsers that don’t support HTML5.
  34. Cool Video Gallery – Upload your videos to your site and display them through galleries.
  35. Stream Video Player – A complete video and audio solution for WordPress that includes support for viewing videos on iPad, iPhone andiTouch. Also has support for YouTube videos.
  36. Smooth Streaming Video Player – A good video player that has support for HTML5 for streaming on iPhone and iPad.
  37. EZWebPlayer WordPress Pro Video Plugin – A good video player that has support for several video formats.
  38. VideoJS HTML5 Video Player – Embed videos in your post or page using HTML5.
  39. WP Post Video Player – Upload video files and embed them in your post or page.
  40. Post Video – Embed HTML5 video into any post or page.
  41. Flash Video Player – A feature rich video player for WordPress.
  42. Projekktor Video Tag Extension – Embed HTML5 audio and video in your posts and pages.
  43. HTML5 Video Player With Playlist – Put HTML5 mobile friendly videos on your website.
  44. Silverlight Video Player – Add a video player to your posts and pages.
  45. JW Player Plugin for WordPress – A great video player that has lots of features and full support for HTML5.
  46. Hana Flv Player – Embed FLV flash videos on your WordPress posts and pages.
  47. VideoWhisper Video Presentation – Video presentation software designed for consultations, training and webinars.
  48. Google XML Sitemap for Videos – Build a video sitemap for Google, Bing and other search engines.
  49. Video Download – Let users download embedded YouTube videos from your site.
  50. WordPress Related Video Search – Display related videos depending on your video title or tag.

Looking for something more? If you are looking to launch a dedicated video related website make sure you check WP Mods tomorrow as we will be showing you some great Video Themes that help transform WordPress into a full functional video website.


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