We recently looked at 5 Free WordPress Plugins That Help You Create And Manage HTML Tables. They’re incredibly helpful for those of you are aren’t comfortable editing HTML or for those who simply want to speed up the process of creating and maintaining tables.

Today I would like to show you 3 free plugins that help you insert a table of contents into your post or page. A ‘Table of Contents’ (TOC) is very useful for visitors if you have a long article as it makes it easier to navigate to each section (you will see a TOC used in most Wikipedia articles).

1. Table Of Contents Creator

Automatically creates a dynamic site wide table of contents that is updated whenever a new post or page is published. It is highly customisable. The titles of the table of contents can be modified and pages can be excluded too. To insert the table of contents you just need to insert the plugin shortcode into a page.

Table Of Contents Creator

The plugin creates what could be best described as a sitemap so perhaps shouldn’t be classed as a true ‘Table of Contents’ plugin. It does boast some interesting features though like the ability to include comments from Forum Server and WP-Forum.

Table Of Contents Creator

Table Of Contents Creator: Info & Download

2. Table Of Contents Plus

A great plugin that makes creating a table of contents a breeze. The width of the TOC can be set as a fixed value or as a percentage through the admin area. You can also set the table to be wrapped around the text on the left or right hand side of the page should you wish.

Table of Contents Plus

5 custom table designs are included with the plugin (default, light blue, white, black, transparent) though you can also change the colours manually using a colour picker.

Table of Contents Plus

Table Of Contents Plus”: Info & Download

3. MD Table of Contents Generator

A simple plugin that can automatically create a table of contents from your H1 to H6 headings by inserting the toc shortcode into your post or page.

MD Table of Contents Generator

The table has a nice design but it can’t be modified through the admin area. To style the table yourself you would have to modify the plugin file itself. The table isn’t wrapped around text by default however this can be achieved by wrapped the shortcode inside a CSS division and floating the DIV to the right or left.

MD Table of Contents Generator

MD Table of Contents Generator: Info & Download

As always, all plugins were tested for the purpose of this article. Tiny Table Of Contents TinytocjQuery Table Of Contents and Site Table Of Contents were also tested however do not seem to be working with the latest version of WordPress. Table Of Content, on the other hand, seemed to be working ok. Though it is very basic and overly complicated.

My personal preference would be to use Table Of Contents Plus or MD Table of Contents Generator. I hope you found this list useful 🙂


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