For many, the secret to good design is subtlety. I know I for one I am a bit turned off by overly “loud” websites with garish colors or over-the-top patterns. I like to keep it simple, clean, and attractive. Which is why when I stumbled across the Background Patterns plugin for WordPress I knew I had to share it with everyone here at WPHub. It’s completely uncomplicated and 100% useful. Oh, and it’s free. Which is always nice.

What is it exactly? It’s nothing more than a plugin that once installed allows you to access a large library of subtle patterns for you to use as a site background. Here’s how to install it:

First go to the plugin directory and download the zipped file for the Background Patterns plugin. Once downloaded go to your WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New > Upload and installed the zipped file there.


Upon activation go ahead and navigate to Appearance > Background and take note of the new button there next to the upload button in the Select Image area. By click on “Pattern Library” you will have quick and easy access to a 20+ pages of subtle background patterns.


And that’s that. Like I said, extremely easy and extremely useful.

You can download the Background Patterns plugin here

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