The latest bounty offering from parent company Envato comes in the form of a $4,000 prize pool for Ecwid themes and templates. Growth Officer Shane Freer posted Thursday that the contest will be open to all ThemeForest developers and designers with the first 20 submitted (and approved) products each receiving a share of the winnings.

Envato's Most Wanted Poster

In his March 21st forum thread, Freer stated “We’re putting a $4,000 bounty on the heads of Envato’s most wanted file type – Ecwid themes on ThemeForest. The first 10 x WordPress, Joomla or Drupal themes & the first 10 x site templates uploaded (and subsequently approved) each get $300 for themes & $100 for site templates (with a maximum 3 prizes per author in any combination).”

What Is Ecwid?

If you’re not familiar with Ecwid, you’ll quickly find upon researching that it is a self-integrating software system that utilizes widgets to enhance your e-Commerce website. According to its official product page, the software takes less than 5 minutes to set up, allows you to sell on Facebook and OpenSocial enabled networks, comes with a full-sized web and mobile optimized storefront, increases store navigation speed, and is AJAX powered.

ECWid Features List

Ecwid integrates with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, modx, iWeb, SquareSpace and any site. It also integrates with Facebook, Blogger, TypePad, Hyves, Google Sites, and Tumblr. The payment solutions included are: PayPal, Google Wallet, e-Path, e-Select Plus, HSBC,, RoboKassa, BeanStream and NMI; plus customers can pay by check, wire transfer and phone ordering.

The company’s president, Jim O’Hara, was featured on Fox Business News less than a month ago on the impact of e-Shopping and how it is impacting the overall market.

Envato Contest Rules

The $4,000 total prize will be broken down as follows. The first 10 approved Ecwid files integrated into either WordPress, Joomla or Drupal will receive $300, while the first 10 Ecwid files integrated into a site tempalte will be remunerated $100 each. Contest winners will only be able to receive award money via PayPal or Moneybookers/Skrill, and the final date for file submissions is May 31st, 2013. There is a maximum of 3 winning entries per author.

Freer added Thursday that “winners will be announced 1-2 weeks after the event closes to ensure any late entries are processed. Prizes will be sent out 2-3 weeks after the winners have been announced. Make sure you have completed our authorization form. Please do not submit inquiries about prizes in the forums, via support or directly to staff, we promise we won’t forget your prize.”

There is a consent form required by those who win in order to collect funds. Basically it states that the file must be kept online for a minimum of two years (see Entry Agreement Form). Items should be submitted by authors to the eCommerce > Miscellaneous category on ThemeForest.

Community Questions

As of Friday afternoon (Eastern Time), several ThemeForest community members had replied to the thread. Author rayoflightt asked, “One question about html ecwid templates. Should these templates have some kind of functions that are achieved by “ecwid css files” and is there any plugin or something for that? Or it can be just plain html/css template without real functionality (that can be added later in cms)?”

Another member who goes by the name htmgarcia wrote, “Great! Ecwid is amazing! I didn’t knew nothing about it. I’m happy to learn something new.”

In some of the past bounty contests, entrants have quickly submitted files for consideration; meaning that the May 31st deadline may not be early enough to submit a theme or template for approval for authors who would like a portion of the prize money. There is plenty of information on the Internet related to Ecwid and how it works.

ThemeForest has paid out well over $20,000 in total bounty awards since Envato’s “Most Wanted” promotion began.

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