Beginning on June 4th I began to notice something in the Themeforest Marketplace. All of the WordPress themes cost around $5 to $10 more than usual. Obviously a restructuring of the pricing structure had taken place and sure enough when I did a bit of poking around I found this blog post on the Envato blog announcing a new WordPress pricing structure.

Envato Updates WordPress Pricing Structure

In this excerpt Envato, owners of and a number of other popular Marketplaces around the web, explain the need behind their decision to raise prices:

Earlier this year we planned on a price increase and began work analyzing the data we had available. However, after considerable analysis we noted that not only was a price increase needed, but also a general improvement to our classification of themes and price points. In essence we felt we required a new pricing structure starting from scratch. After much discussion we’ve developed a new pricing guideline that captures the varying theme complexity and functionality and will help our review team apply a more consistent set of pricing criteria to the category.

The new Envato WordPress pricing structure is as follows:

  • $25-30: Simple or single page themes. For example, mobile themes.
  • $35-40: Standard themes
  • $45-50: Themes with advanced functionality. Includes flexible themes or niche applications.
  • $55-60: Highly complex themes. Typically this would mean eCommerce, BuddyPress, job board, or payment gateways integration.

The Envato team goes on to say that, “No item fell in price and most items saw a price increase on the order of $5.00. There was an extremely limited number of items that we removed on the basis that these items no longer meet the requirements for the WordPress category. Similarly a small group of items see their prices jump a more significant amount in the new classification structure.”

At first, as someone who features, recommends, and regularly buys themes myself – I was a little annoyed at the price change. Who likes a seemingly random increase in price for one of their favorite products, right? But as I read the post by Envato and thought about what this meant for the WordPress community as a whole, I’m happy to see a new pricing structure in place that better represents the range and quality of products being created by and offered to the WordPress community. This means authors will be better compensated for their work, consumers will pay for the features they’re actually getting, and while the prices did increase across the board I think it would be hard to make a case for how these Worpdress themes are anything but a great deal.

What do you think of the new pricing structure?


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