Photography has long been one of the most popular reasons for creating a website using WordPress. Whether for photo blogging or simply as a portfolio/showcase. However, as video technology continues to evolve and more and more amateurs are able to create high-quality videos – similarly to how Digital DSLRs spawned a massive surge in amateur photography – there is now a growing need for themes, plugins, and tutorials on how a video artist can best utilize the World’s most popular blogging platform and CMS.

TubePress Plugin To Display Video Content on WordPress Site

There are a lot of plugins and themes out there for displaying really great-looking photo galleries on WordPress but in TubePress there’s now a similar tool for video too. Sure, some multimedia themes offer some pretty good video solutions but I have yet to come across one that has as many options and features as this. So if you’ve been looking for a good way to add video galleries to your WordPress website, stick around and I’ll give you a behind-the-scenes look at the TubePress plugin.

How To Install TubePress

To install TubePress head over the plugin directory and download the TubePress zipped file. Then go to your WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New > Upload and installed the zipped file there.


Upon activation you will notice a new option under your Settings menu in the admin side bar.


Configuring TubePress On WordPress

As I mentioned above, the TubePress options page is extensive. In brief, here is a rundown of what is possible within each of its tabs, the first of which is called “Which Videos?”. In this tab you are able to select the source from which the TubePress plugin draws its video content. You can choose from various options for pulling videos from both YouTube and Vimeo including users’ favorites, featured videos, users, etc.


In the Thumbnails tab you are able to customize the appearance of your gallery’s video teaser images.


In the Player tab you are able to customize the appearance of the player and match it as best you can with the appearance of your site’s theme.


In the Meta tab you are able to select the type of video metadata you would like the plugin to pull from its source and include on your site. Stuff like video author, keywords, description, etc.


In the Theme tab you have four choices. You can choose to have your galleries appear as the default theme (pictured below), a sidebar specific style, a YouTube style, or a Vimeo style.


The Feed tab is where you can customize the order videos appear, how they are sorted on the page, the maximum number of videos to retrieve, and more.


In the Cache tab you’re able to enable API cache and its parameters.


And finally in the Advanced tab you are able to enable debugging, create a shortcode for inserting galleries into posts, pages, and widgets, and more.


TubePress Galleries

When configured and in action the gallery will appear as seen below on any page or in any post you enter the correct shortcode into. You can also see a live demo gallery here.


My Thoughts

I found this plugin to be powerful, easy to understand and install, and effective at exactly what it aims to do. If displaying your video work or the work of those you admire in a customized gallery of your own is something you’re after then I would highly suggest giving TubePress a shot.

You can download TubePress here

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