Plugin developer Pippin Williamson has built up a loyal following since he launched his dedicated WordPress plugin website Pippins Plugins last May. Every week he shares great WordPress tips and snippets and provides detailed tutorials that show you how develop WordPress plugins and address common WordPress problems.

On the first day of the year Pippin launched his websites new member area. Members get access to premium in depth tutorials once a week, previews of Pippins WordPress plugins and exclusive access to member-only plugins (such as the registration plugin I reviewed last week).

Pippins Plugins

There are many great programmers developing plugins for the WordPress platform today however I cannot think of any who are providing support to WordPress beginners and aspiring WordPress plugin developers. Pippin has released over 20 premium plugins on CodeCanyon (under the name mordauk); ranging from cool widgets to sliders to contact forms. This experience, and his ability to explain steps in plain English, makes his membership option very enticing.

You can register for free and get access to some member-only however to get all the benefits of the membership you need to choose a subscription. You will be glad to know that there is a trial option available for free. That gives you full membership benefits for 4 days. If you enjoy the trial and want to become a full member you can pay $6 for one month, $16 for 3 months and $60 for a year. If you use the discount code WPPLUGINS before the end of January you will get a further 5% off the price off a membership.

At the moment I am in the process of bringing in good writers to WP Mods to help reduce the number of articles I write for the site every month (currently I write every post). This will free up a lot of my time to help develop WP Mods more. Whilst I hope to release some great designs to the WordPress community this year, one of the things I really want to do over the next 12 months is become a better programmer and release a WordPress plugin that enhances WordPress in some way (or addresses a common problem).

Books And Tutorials To Make WordPress Plugins

There are books available that teach you how to develop plugins for WordPress and there are many tutorials online too (I purchased WordPress Plugin Development by Vladimir Prelovac a few years ago but never found the time to work through it). I am sure I would learn a lot from these resources though I believe Pippins member area is a better option to me as I get direct access to someone who is making a living from developing WordPress plugins. His membership prices are very affordable too.

If, like me, you are hoping to learn more about WordPress and possibly release a WordPress plugin of your own in the future, I recommend checking out the membership option at Pippins Plugin. It´s free to try and very cheap to join full time and not only do you get access to great tutorials, you also get exclusive access to some fantastic plugins.


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