For WordPress users who currently run website support through Casengo, news broke Monday, February 4th, that a free WordPress Live Chat and Customer Support plugin is now available. The tool will enhance the overall support experience for current users in a variety of ways, and is offered as an extension to firm’s online help desk application.

The official press release on Monday billed the new plugin as a way to service customers’ support needs more efficiently than ever before. Known for its “all in one” approach to customer support software, Casengo’s new download can be instantly installed on any WordPress site and results in a fully customizable live chat widget module being inserted.

Casengo WordPress Live ChatPlugin Details

The Live Chat and Customer Service plugin is regarded by the company as “an extension of Casengo’s online helpdesk application, which enables smaller businesses and webshops to handle all live chat, email, phone and Twitter interactions from a single, universal inbox. Through live chat support, webshops and other WordPress websites can improve online conversion up to 30%, whilst improving customer satisfaction two-fold through personable engagement and faster response times.”

Casengo Customer Support Software

Current Casengo customer Philippe Joly (founder of Yelo) said Monday that his firm “opted for Casengo from day one, as it is a very user-friendly Cloud customer service app with an attractive pricing model. Casengo allows us to centralize all customer enquiries – whether through email, chat or social media – in one single inbox. This is critical for providing excellent service to our users. The Casengo app is plug and play: setting up the account took us hardly two minutes, and installation of the WordPress Live Chat widget was just as easy.”

The User-Friendly Equation

Where customer support software is concerned, the interface must generally come off as extremely user-friendly in order to meet the demands of a large amount of customers with as few complications as possible. By configuring the new system to act as a widget, the function can be easily enabled/disabled from the back-end Control Panel while also providing a clear layout for front-end users.

The ability to easily communicate is of utmost importance as end-users look for solutions to every day issues that arise for any site. The new plugin can be programmed in conjunction with the overall Casengo software package to receive and prioritize tickets as needed. This means your website’s customer support can be flexible while still maintaining consistency.

Nearly 50,000 Customers

The February 4th statement adds that “since October last year, over 40,000 customers have been supported by small and medium-sized businesses using the Casengo application. With over 60 million WordPress sites worldwide, Casengo’s founder Floris van der Veen expects the number of consumers ‘touched’ by Casengo to rapidly increase.” The founder stated, “In no time at all, any WordPress user can now start benefitting from a simple, solid and beautiful tool. We often hear it’s hard to believe that Casengo is totally free for the first user.”

Live Chat Plugin Subscription Details

There are three subscription plans available for those who would like to use Casengo on for their company’s customer service needs. The free version includes a mailbox, chat application plus an unlimited amount of cases. For $39 per month, premium members can gain access to additional mailboxes, groups, languages and brands. The “Enterprise” payment package is for larger teams who will be dealing with volume. Custom pricing is offered on a case-by-case basis and those interested are encouraged to contact Casengo directly.


The new WordPress live chat plugin can turn any email inquiry into a real-time conversation and lets Admins see the entire case dialogue regardless of the communication mode. Resolution time an inquiry number reports are detailed and provided within the plugin’s core functions.

For our readers who would like to find out more about the Casengo service, you can click on the following link to create a free account.

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