John Pratt

John Pratt is principal WordPress developer at JTPratt Media, where you can find him working on custom themes and plugins for small business and corporate clients.

How To Import & Export XLS, CSV, and Plugins to WordPress

Today in this WordPress tutorial we’re going to talk about importing and exporting content into WordPress using conventional built-in tools (in WP), plugins for specific use cases, and last (but not least) some advanced PHP coding techniques (if you want to roll your own). In other words this article is for basic, intermediate, and advanced …

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WordPress Roles Explained For Beginners

WordPress started out as a blogging platform, and most people are aware that you can have multiple user accounts within one website. You can have one (or multiple) admins, and people designated with any of the default user roles: WordPress Roles Simplified subscriber: read capabilitycontributor: can write posts but not publishauthor: can write, publish, and manage postseditor: …

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WordPress Tutorials

30+ Ways to Use API’s in WordPress with NO Coding Over the years I have received countless requests to customize WordPress. Design and layout, those kinds of things are easy enough. The more complicated projects have requests to connect WordPress with something. Can you send my form to Campaign Monitor or Salesforce? People ask things …

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