Google Adsense is the number one way to make money from small content websites. On the website and domain marketplace Flippa, websites that are making money through Adsense regularly sell for around 20-25 times monthly profit due to how consistent Adsense income can be.

Monetize Website Through Adsense

I currently own about 4 or 5 websites that are monetized solely through Google Adsense and I’m planning on launching more content websites in the future to increase my daily income from the network. WordPress is the best platform to build Adsense websites though it’s important to choose a design that works well the medium. A good Adsense theme should have a clean design, be quick to setup and be easy to integrate ads.

Best WordPress Themes For Adsense

Today I’d like to share with you what I consider to be the best WordPress themes for building Google Adsense websites. If you have been searching for a good AdSense design online you may have noticed that most of the AdSense designs that are recommended online are over 2 years old. In this article I’ve tried to ensure all designs are fairly new. I’ve included a few older designs however many such as Ads Minded, Blix, Connections, the Adsense Ready Theme, and the designs at top AdSense themes have not been included.

I also recommend using a design such as WP Adsense Theme as it forces you to include a link back to their website using encryption.

Where should you place an ad on WordPress Theme?

Google give some tips on where you should place your advertisements. Not surprisingly, they recommend to placing ads above the fold as they perform better. It’s important to continually tweak and test your ad positions in order to get the best return from adsense though it’s worth referring to the Google recommend the heatmap that Google provide to get an idea of where you should place your ads initially.

Where to place Google ads on my pages

Google also define 3 ad styles in their help area: blend, complement and contrast. The majority of adsense publishers blend their ads into the surrounding area though it’s worth trying out different colour schemes for your ads to see if you get a better return. Perhaps some ad zones aren’t performing well because they blend in too well 🙂

Adsense Ad Styles

Remember to test your ad zones and tweak them accordingly in order to get the best return from your websites. Poor implementation of adsense could be costing you a lot of money so it’s not something to take lightly.

What is the ad serving limit on Adsense?

The limit for Google Adsense ads is three regular ads and 3 link unit ads. For example, on any given page you could have a 728×90 ad in the header, a 300×250 post at the top right-hand side of your article, and a 160×600 banner in your sidebar. You could also place 728×15, 468×15, and 200×90 link units on the same page.

It is not possible to exceed this limit. If you add the code for a fourth advertisement it simply won’t be displayed and you will be left with a large white space in your design. For example, if you placed a 468×15 link unit underneath your post title in excerpts, the ad will only be shown on the first 3 posts on a page.

Does more ad placement make me more money on my website?

Please bear in mind that most ads doesn’t necessarily mean more money. You need to ensure that the ads integrate into your design without overwhelming the visitor. Large magazine designs can accommodate more ads easily but on smaller website designs you will may find that 2 adsense ads on a page makes you more money than 3 ads. As I noted earlier, you need to tweak your design in order to ensure you make the most money. This sometimes means displaying more ads, this sometimes means displaying less.

20 Best Adsense WordPress Themes

You can use pretty much any WordPress design for an adsense website as long as you are able to insert your ads into optimum positions. Remember though that many themes are better suited for WordPress out the box whilst others have been designed specifically with making money through adsense in mind. So you could save yourself a lot of time changing a design by using on the the themes listed below.

1. CTR Theme
Regular License: $67

A premium design that was made for building adsense websites. The default design is very basic though the theme has lots of options to help you integrate your ads. It automatically integrates ads into the recommended ad positions by Google and blends colours in with the rest of your design. Ads can be rotated to prevent ad blindness too and it comes with a 40 page eBook about ‘AdSense Link-Building Secrets’.

CTR Theme

Info & Download | Demo

2. Heatmap Theme
Regular License: $67

A feature rich adsense design that has as many features as a WordPress framework. It has a whopping 23 widget areas to help you insert ads directly into the most profitable areas of your design. Ads can be randomly rotated and it comes packaged with 10 Ultimate Authority Skins and 25 Classic Skins. It can also be used to create review websites and squeeze pages to push traffic to affiliate products.

Make sure you are subscribed to WP Mods (via RSSTwitter or Facebook) as we will be publishing a full review of the Heatmap Theme on Friday.

Heatmap WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

3. Socrates Theme
Single License: $37, Developer License: $67

Developed by social media expert Joel Comm, Socrates is a premium WordPress design that was created for marketers. It comes with over 200 header designs, a built in affiliate program and ClickBank integration.

The sheer number of design combinations that can be created using the theme make it a good theme for creating adsense content websites. It’s worth noting that the theme has outdated license options that violate the General Public License. Remember, WordPress theme developers are only allowed to limit support for themes, they shouldn’t be putting any restrictions on how many sites you can use a theme on.

Socrates WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

4. Euphoria
Regular License: $39

A lightweight design that is fully optimized for adsense. Code can be inserted via the options area and it has social media integration too.

Euphoria WordPress Theme

Info & Download

5. BeInk
Regular License: $39

Another design from CTR Themes, BeInk features a lightweight three column design with a 5 level deep navigation menu.

BeInk WordPress Theme

Info & Download

6. Magnum
Regular License: $39

Essentially the same design as BeInk except it only has a right hand sidebar.

Magnum Adsense Theme

Info & Download | Demo

7. Adsense Pro
Regular License: $39

A basic design that lets you insert adsense ads into prominent positions easily. Whilst the design won’t win any awards, websites that use this type of simple design frequently convert well with adsense due to the way that ads are blended right into the content.

Adsense Pro WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

8. Adsense Pro Ultimate
Regular License: $69

I am unsure as to why the ultimate version of Adsense Pro costs more as it apart from the additional sidebar it is essentially the same design with the same features. If you are looking to move add an additional advertisement to your page, you may want to choose this design over the original.

Adsense Pro Ultimate Theme

Info & Download | Demo

9. MaxSense
Access to all AdsensePress designs for $69

One of the better looking designs that was created specifically for adsense. The default design has 300×250 ad in the right hand side of the header, a link unit integrated underneath the navigation menu and 300×250 and 120×600 ads in the sidebar.

Maxsense WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

10. MaxCTR
Access to all AdsensePress designs for $69

A simple design that places 300×250 ads above and below your content and a 160×600 ad in the sidebar. A variation of the design is available that includes a sidebar on the left hand side of the page instead of the right.

MaxCTR WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

11. MoreSense
Access to all AdsensePress designs for $69

Similar in design to MaxSense, MoreSense has a smaller header design due to the lack of featured posts. As a result, the 300×250 ad in the header has been replaced with a smaller 468×60 banner. It’s a good design for those who want to make money through adsense but don’t want to stray too much from the traditional blog layout.

MoreSense WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

12. Genesis
Regular License: $59

Genesis is one of the best WordPress frameworks that are available today. Creating your own website using Genesis is easy as it allows you to choose from various layouts. It is very secure and has great SEO features too and with over 100 child themes to choose from, you certainly aren’t limited to the default design.

Sample WordPress Theme

I’m currently using Genesis on two of my adsense websites. Similar to rtPanel, Genesis is a perfect for building adsense websites because of a hooks plugin called Genesis Hooks. The plugin lets you insert code directly into dozens of different areas of your design. This allows you to integrate ads into any area of your site easily without having to modify templates.

Check out my recent review of Genesis for more information on what the framework can do.

Genesis Simple Edits

Info & Download | Demo

13. Catalyst
One Time License Fee: $127

A popular WordPress framework that’s packed full of features. Designed using HTML5 and CSS3, Catalyst has a responsive design that looks great on any device. The Dynamik child theme that comes with the framework has over 800 options for tweaking the design.

Catalyst Theme

Catalyst has a built in hooks system that makes adding adsense ads easy. Every single section of the framework has been divided up so that you can add code into any part of the site without modifying any templates.

Catalyst Hooks Map

14. ClickBump Engine
Regular License: $17

An affiliate marketing design that come be used to promote Google Adsense, products, or both. It comes with 5 WordPress designs and has good SEO integration too.

ClickBump Engine WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

15. Adsticle

Adsticle is a very basic design that comes with 6 widget areas for adding adsense ads. The theme lets you have two slim sidebars on the right hand side or one large sidebar on the right hand side.

In the options area you can insert adsense code for a 468×60 ad in the header and 728×15 link units in the header and footer. A 250×250 ad can be inserted into the top of posts here too. Theme colours can be modified via the options page too and you can also modify the footer from here.

Adsticle WordPress Theme

Info | Download | Demo

16. Blue Grace & Amazing Grace

Before becoming the mastermind behind the fantastic WordPress service ManageWPVladimir Prelovac released a lot of great plugins and themes to the WordPress community.

Blue Grace is a minimum design that is optimised for SEO and Google Adsense advertisements. It uses a three column layout and is widget ready too.

Blue Grace WordPress Theme

Info | Download | Demo

Vladimir also released a colour variation of Blue Grace entitled Amazing Grace. Apart from the colour changes, it’s exactly the same design.

Amazing Grace WordPress Theme

Info | Download | Demo

17. Unedicated

A minimal design that would be perfect for a small content website. It has a built in related posts feature, is SEO ready and beautiful typography. In the options page you can add custom CSS and add your RSS, Facebook and Twitter information. Google Analytics can also be added here and you can insert ads directly above and below your posts.

Uneducated WordPress Theme

Info | Download | Demo

18. rtPanel

rtPanel is a fantastic WordPress framework that makes creating websites easy. It’s well coded, simple to use and the options area helps setting up a website very straight forward. Via the options page you can add your logo, change the look of posts switch off common post meta details.

rtPanel Home Page

What really makes rtPanel a great choice for building an adsense website is it’s rtPanel Hooks Editor plugin. That lets you easily insert code into any area of your site.

rtPanel Hooks Editor Plugin

rtPanel is free to download however is supported by over 20 theme developers. There’s lots of documentation on how to use the framework too such as adding an adsense banner above the logo and adding an adsense link unit in the header. Check out our review of rtPanel for more information about what the framework can do.

Info | Download | Demo

19. Platform

A drag and drop WordPress framework that lets you create websites easily. Setting up a website using Platform should only take 10 minutes. There are numerous layouts to choose from and most elements of the design can be switched on or off. 9 widgets are built into the design which makes integrating advertising a breeze.

Platform WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

20. PageLines
FREE, Professional License: $97, Developer License: 197

PageLines is the flagship framework from the same developers as Platform. It’s free to download however a premium version is available which boasts many more features. There isn’t much difference style wise between Platform and the free version of PageLines and they share many of the same options and features. It’s worth trying both to see which you prefer.

PageLines WordPress Theme

Info | Download | Demo

I hope you have enjoyed this article. Make sure you are subscribed to WPHub via RSS, Twitter or Facebook.

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