This article was revised on February 15th, 2013. Discontinued plugins have been replaced while pricing structures for premium products have been updated.

The 5 star rating system, popularized by websites such as Amazon, is by far and away the most used review system on the web. The premise is simple: visitors choose a rating from one to 5 stars to rate a product or service. One star usually denotes the lower end of the scale with 5 stars being the highest rating possible. The website in question then calculates an average score for each product and displays it to visitors to give them a average reader rating (e.g. 3.5 stars).

Whilst WordPress doesn’t come packaged with a 5 star rating system, there are several plugins that add this functionality to your site. The plugins usually work in conjunction with WordPress comments so that a user has to leave a review and a rating.

Today I would like to show you several free 5 star rating WordPress plugins and 3 premium plugins. 5 star functionality can be added to an existing website so you don’t have to customize your website design too much. As with all our plugin reviews, all plugins have been tested to ensure they work with the latest version of WordPress. 🙂

Free 5 Star Rating Plugin For WordPress Reviews

1. WP-PostRatings

A useful plugin that lets you add an AJAX rating system to any post or page. You can choose from a range of rating images including regular 5 star images, bars, squares, thumbs up and down, numnbers and hearts. You can set the rating value for each rating option and also set who is allowed to submit a rating.

WP-PostRatings WordPress Plugin

WP-PostRatings: Info & Download

2. GD Star Rating

GD Star Rating lets you add ratings to posts, pages and comments. In my opinion it’s the best free rating plugin available for WordPress. It’s packed full of features, is incredibly flexible and is very professional looking.

GD Star Rating WordPress Plugin

The latest ratings and other statistics can be shown in your widget ready areas.

GD Star Rating WordPress Plugin

It supports multi ratings and you can use thumbs up and down too. The plugin is perhaps not as user friendly as some of the more basic plugins available, due to the sheer volume of features GD Star Rating packs. I still think it’s the first plugin you should try when looking for a great free 5 star rating plugin.

GD Star Rating WordPress Plugin

GD Star Rating: Information | Download

3. kk Star Ratings

Lets you add ratings to posts, pages, archives and your home page. Ratings can be hard coded into your templates or added using a shortcode. It’s easy to use but fairly limited compared to some alternatives available.

kk Star Ratings
kk Star Ratings

kk Star Ratings: Info & Download

4. Author Post Ratings

Adds a shortcode so that ratings can be added to your website. It informs you of the code you need to add to your template to add ratings to your site. 6 different image sets are available (mostly stars).

Author Post Ratings

Author Post Ratings: Info & Download

5. Rating Widget

Create and manage ratings directly from your admin WordPress dashboard. You can embed ratings into posts, pages and comments. You can use a thumbs up or down rating system or the traditional 5 star rating system. There are dozens of image sets available so you can replace stars from everything from Christmas trees to footballs.

The plugin supports dozens of languages and it lets you configure ratings in the home page, posts, pages and comments independently.

Rating Widget

Rating Widget: Info & Download

6. WP Customer Reviews

Allows readers to leave reviews and testimonials on your website. You can customise what fields are shown to visitors who submit reviews and set where the reviews should be placed.

WP Customer Reviews

The plugin uses the traditional 5 star rating system that we all know and love 🙂

WP Customer Reviews

WP Customer Reviews: Info & Download

7. Comment Rating Field

A very basic plugin that uses jQuery to add a 5 star voting option to comments.

Comment Rating Field

Comment Rating Field: Info & Download

8. Evaluate

Adds a number of options for user interaction to your site, including 5 Star Ratings and Polls.


Evaluate: Info & Download

9. Review Ratings

A basic plugin that lets you add ratings to posts and pages uses short codes.

Review Ratings

The default output is stars though you can replace stars with any other unicode character.

Review Ratings

Review Ratings: Info & Download

10. Polldaddy

Polldaddy is known for being the best poll plugin for WordPress however it also has a built in rating systems that lets visitors rate posts, pages and comments.


You can configure independently for pages, posts and comments. A top rated widget is also available so you can place the highest rated items in your sidebar or footer.


Polldaddy: Information | Download

11. Rate

A simple plugin that adds a rating option to your comment area. You can also add the rating elsewhere manually if you wish.


Rate: Info & Download

12. Rate This Page

A good plugin that lets registered users rate posts and pages.

Rate This Page

The plugin also lets you generate reports of the ratings that have been submitted to your website.

Rate This Page

Rate This Page: Info & Download

13. Easy Review Builder for WordPress

A useful plugin that lets you insert ratings and reviews into your website.

Easy Review Builder for WordPress

The plugin supports multi-ratings, making it easier for visitors to give accurate ratings with their reviews.

Easy Review Builder for WordPress

Easy Review Builder for WordPress: Info & Download

Premium 5 Star Rating WordPress Plugins

14. MyReviewPlugin – From $90

One of the most feature rich rating plugins available for WordPress, MyReviewPlugin is perfect for those who want to add ratings to comments, posts or pages or those who want to integrate ratings into all parts of their website for a dedicated review website.


The plugin includes rating tables, Google maps integration, automatic thumbnails, themes and widgets too. Editor ratings can also be included too!


MyReviewPlugin: Info & Download

15. Simple Star Rating System – $17

A simple plugin that integrates star ratings into posts and pages.

Simple Star Rating

Simple Star Rating: Info & Download

* Another premium plugin you should check out is Review Rating System. It retails for $67 though the main website doesn’t give too much information about how the plugin works 🙂

In my opinion, GD Star Rating is by far the best free option available if you are looking for a 5-star rating system, though there are some good alternatives if you are looking for something more user-friendly.

What’s your favorite rating plugin for WordPress?

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