It’s no secret that we think WordPress is pretty awesome. It’s incredibly powerful, completely customizable, and extremely easy to install, optimize, and use for any number of purposes. But if you’re new to creating websites and blogging then you may not know what WordPress is capable of or why it’s definitively won the title of the World’s most popular CMS and Blogging Platform. So to that end I’ve put together a small showcase of 30 awesome websites running on WordPress. Each Website listed below includes a description from the Showcase describing how these sites have utilized the WordPress platform to meet their needs. I hope you find this post inspiring!

1. HeyPapaLegend Studios

HeyPapaLegend Studios’ websites uses WordPress as a CMS, along with sound, video, and a unique implementation of AJAX, to showcase the company’s work.

HeyPapaLegend Studios WordPress Website

2. Overlapps

The site uses a custom WordPress theme and plugins to showcase, rate, and allow users to browse mobile apps.

Overlapps WordPress Website

3. Intellectual Ventures Lab

This popular site was featured during the TED 2010 conference. WordPress is being used to share amazing high speed photographic images of a project intended to help stop the spread of malaria.

Intellectual Ventures Lab WordPress Website

4. Red Hot Chili Peppers

This WordPress-powered site is a hub of information about the band. It provides fans with a central place to follow up on news, tour dates, message boards, and the band’s social media presence.

Red Hot Chili Peppers WordPress Website

5. XXL Magazine

XXL Magazine is a WordPress powered hip-hop publication. They provide an objective take on hip-hop news as well as lifestyle articles, videos, and more.

XXLMagazine WordPress Website

6. 1983

This blog features a ‘Daily Hit’ of beautiful design, illustration and photography and has upwards of 20,000 pageviews a month. The unique, image-heavy design uses WordPress to create a mosaic-like view of inspirations.

1983 WordPress Website

7. Free Architecture

Free Architecture uses a custom, image-heavy theme to show examples of creative architecture. The site acts as a visual blog for architecture enthusiasts and allows third sector clients to apply for design services.

Free Architecture WordPress Website

8. Knatt

The site uses a custom theme with page templates, jQuery-powered animations, styled comments, and a “lab section” to feature work.

Kantt WordPress Website

9. La Web Shop

This Quebec-based agency uses a unique custom theme to display their portfolio.

LaWebShop WordPress Website

10. Carsonified

This UK based creative collaborative trains, inspires, and connects web designers and developers with their passion and their WordPress powered website.

Carsonified WordPress Website

11. Today’s Document

Beyond the postmodern-ified Americana aesthetic, and integration with the artwork itself, Today’s Document (Illustrated) utilizes WordPress 2.9’s “Post Thumbnail” to keep each image as a semantically integrated piece alongside the Post’s “proper” content (the supportive text). Metadata (via Custom Fields, via Flutter) provide readers with the event’s historical date, plus a link to research further.

Today s Document WordPress Website

12. We Heart This

We Heart This is a major and well executed implementation of BuddyPress and WordPress. It also features a bbPress forum and a wide variety of original content.

we heart this WordPress Website

13. Bloginity

The WordPress-powered offers a flexible platform that allows the site’s team to publish and manage a large amount of content and present it in a visually appealing way. The site’s developers constantly tweak colors, positions, fonts, and other things to optimize bounce rates and LTV (life tame value) of users.

Bloginity WordPress Website

14. Modelinia

Modelinia uses WordPress to seamlessly power an impressive site featuring hundreds of photos, countless videos, and lots of static content.

Modelinia WordPress Website

15. The Official Star Wars Blog

Star Wars is one of the most popular movie series of all time and the series’ official blog is powered by WordPress.

The Official Star Wars Blog WordPress Website

16. HelloGiggles

HelloGiggles is a WordPress-powered online magazine catered towards the ladies of the world. It sports grid-based theme sprinkled with icons and illustrations that features both original and user-submitted content.

HelloGiggles WordPress Website

17. Synch Bands

Synch Bands’ custom WordPress theme uses custom post types to create a unique, interactive e-commerce experience.

Synch Bands WordPress Website

18. 101 Holidays

101 Holidays uses WordPress as a content management system to show pictures, highlight quotes, categorize vacations by experience, price, and destination, and more.

101 holidays WordPress Website

19. Axl Smith

Axl’s well-design website has a unique feature that allows you to drag and drop different pages across the website and keep multiple pages open at once in one window.

AXL SMITH WordPress Website

20. Sparklette

The extremely popular blog has a design that is soothing and refreshing, with restaurant reviews and travelogues that are well-categorized based on cuisine and city.

Sparklette WordPress Website

21. PlayStation.Blog

This is WordPress powered blog for SCEE PlayStation fans.

PlayStation Blog WordPress Website

22. I Love Typography

I Love Typography is a WordPress powered blog for typography enthusiasts.

I Love Typography WordPress Website

23. Dusty Cartridge

Dusty Cartridges uses custom taxonomies, featured images, custom metaboxes, threaded comments, and several custom built plugins to create a full-featured magazine-style website.

Dusty Cartridge WordPress Website

24. Carolina Roller Girls

Carolina Roller Girls uses WordPress and a custom theme to create a site that can be easily maintained by the organization. It features a grungy design, jQuery-powered slider, blog, and events listing.

Carolina Rollergirls WordPress Website

25. Riversend

Riversend is creative Dylan Baskind’s blog. It uses a typography heavy custom designed theme and custom post types to emphasize the theme of “sights, sounds, and ideas.”

Riversend WordPress Website

26. Zync

Zync uses WordPress as both a CMS and blog with a clean, creative custom theme to create a full-fledged portfolio site for an agency.

zync WordPress Website

27. Yess BMX

Yess BMX integrates a smooth jQuery-powered parallax slider and a bold, full-screen design.

YessBMX WordPress Website

28. Alissa Neil PR

Alissa Neil PR’s custom WordPress theme uses CSS3 and JavaScript to create an interactive timeline outlining the history of the firm.

Alissa Neil PR WordPress Website

29. AIGA Portland

AIGA Portland uses a custom, well-designed theme and WordPress as a CMS to organize and bring together design professionals across the Portland area. It features robust new content, better user experience, and a bold new platform from which to excite, inform, engage and delight.

AIGA Portland WordPress Website

30. Cutest Paw

Cutest Paw uses a custom theme with minimalist dynamic grid-based layout and infinite scroll to put emphasis on the focus of the site: the photos.

Cutest Paw WordPress Website

Final Thought

As I said at the beginning, I hope you found this post to be a good source of ideas and inspiration for whatever kind of website you’d like to create. Don’t forget to check out our over 700 WordPress themes and premium plugins to see how WordPress + WPHub can help you create the website you’ve always wanted.

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